What People are saying about Linda...


    “Thank you for teaching us about mindful

    breathing! When I’m feeling stressed, I focus

    on my breaths and immediately start feeling

    better.”  - Student, 6th grade


    “Teaching others the skills necessary to alter

    habitual responses, let go of judgement, pause

    to choose how we act, and view our own feelings

    and thoughts objectively is no small task. Linda’s

    calm, clear and patient guidance is a gift to those

    who are seeking to practice mindful living.”

    - Teacher, 3rd grade


    “Linda’s depth of knowledge about helping kids

    “be in the moment” can really help a student focus

    on achieving his/her goals.”  - Teacher, 6th grade


    “I overheard my daughter helping my son when

    he was upset. She was reminding him of a

    mindfulness lesson they had both had. ”

    - Parent, 1st and 3rd graders


    “Her mindfulness activities were always engaging, thoughtful

    and meaningful.  The calm, positive atmosphere present in my

    classroom after a visit was palpable.” - Teacher, 6th grade


    “I had a nightmare and woke up scared.  I used

    my mindful breathing and was able to go back to

    sleep” - Student, 1st grade


    “I have witnessed my daughter, who has a serious

    anxiety disorder, using Mrs. Yee’s strategies to

    combat stress when she is feeling anxious or

    unsure about a situation.” - Parent, 4th grader


    “Mrs. Yee’s lessons demonstrate the importance of

    embracing each moment with an open mind. The

    way she practices mindfulness in our classroom

    helps me with my ability to listen.  When the kids

    practice mindfulness, there’s a settling in. They’re

    better able to focus in class.”  - Teacher, 2nd grade