JustBE services

  • Mindfulness at Home - JustBE will work with children and parents to teach mindfulness and different ways to incorporate this practice into their lives. If a child struggles with anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, anger management or impulse control, research has shown that MINDFULNESS  may be one tool to put in their toolkit in order to help them navigate difficult times.  Through a variety of exercises, we will help your child notice and pay attention to their thoughts and feelings. We will teach them (and you!) some strategies to help respond to what is happening, rather than react to it.  This lifelong skill is useful not only to children but adolescents and adults as well!             


  • Mindfulness in the Classroom - JustBE will work with teachers and schools to provide classroom-wide lessons on mindfulness - which include paying attention to what’s happening around you and within you, empathy, gratitude, kindness, and self care.


  • Introduction to Mindfulness - JustBE can also provide a fun and informative workshop about mindfulness to your community group, such as the PTA, scout groups, religious groups/youth groups, boys and girls clubs, etc.  This presentation can be tailored to children, youth, or adults.